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Most suicide bombers in Sri Lanka were highly educated

The attacks in Sri Lanka, in which at least 359 people died, were committed by predominantly highly educated Sri Lankans. Most of them come from middle-class or upper-middle-class families, says Sri Lankan Deputy Minister of Defense Wijewardene. “They are financially quite independent and their families are financially stable. That is worrying.”

Wijewardene thinks that some of the nine suicide bombers have studied in several other countries. For example, one of them would have received training in the United Kingdom and may have continued his studies in Australia.

One of the attackers was the owner of a copper factory on the outskirts of the capital, Colombo. Nine employees were arrested there yesterday.

The terrorist lived in a white villa with all kinds of balconies and pillars in a rich neighborhood of Colombo. The area is bordered with a yellow-black ribbon and there are three police officers opposite the house, says reporter Jeroen de Jager.

“It is really a very big house for a rich Sri Lankan. Two other attackers were the sons of one of the richest businessmen in Sri Lanka.”

The terrorists, according to Deputy Minister Wijewardene, come from a division of the National Thowheeth Jama’ath (NTJ), which was previously held responsible by the government for the attacks.

One of the nine terrorists is a woman. Another has not yet been identified. The authorities previously spoke of seven attackers.

People are called to be vigilant, because “a few people can still be outside”. Wijewardene believes that in a few days they will be “completely under control”.

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