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KCNA agency: new rocket test is a warning for South Korea

The rockets that North Korea shot towards the Japanese Sea on Thursday were a warning to neighboring South Korea. CNN reports this on the basis of the state press agency KCNA.

The launch was “personally organized” by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the news agency said, “as part of the power demonstration to give a serious warning to the South Korean army.”

North Korea denounces the military exercises that the neighboring country wants to hold in cooperation with the United States. According to KCNA, those exercises are taking place “in spite of repeated warnings” from North Korea.

The country fired two short-range missiles on Thursday from the coastal town of Wonsan in the east of the country. One of the two missiles fired by North Korea was of a newly developed model, according to the South Korean defense ministry. The new rocket covered nearly 700 kilometers. The second rocket crashed into the sea after about 430 kilometers. The Japanese waters were not reached, Japan says.

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