Home Politics American drone attack leads to higher oil prices

American drone attack leads to higher oil prices

Oil prices are rising rapidly due to rising tensions in the Middle East. It is possible that oil companies will also pass this on to the customer and motorists will soon be spending more money on the pump.

American oil was about 4.6 percent more expensive at the end of the morning at $ 63.99 a barrel. Brent oil, the benchmark for oil from the Middle East and the North Sea, among other things, also rose 4.6 percent in price and was traded for $ 69.31 per barrel.

The United States carried out a drone attack on the international airport of the Iraqi capital Baghdad in which, among others, the leading Iranian military general Qassem Soleimani was killed. Iran has already announced that it wants to repay the attack. Experts say that oil tankers with American oil on board are now a possible target.

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