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90-days Deadline maybe not so firm: extension offered to finalize agreements

President Donald Trump is willing to tinker with the 90-day, self-imposed period by China and the United States, in which measures introduced due to the trade war were not in force. This deadline ends on 1 March. An extension is possible according to Trump.

On Tuesday, the American delegation arrived in Beijing. The parties will try to conclude an agreement before 1 March. According to Trump, China would very much like to make a deal with the United States. The president emphasized that a large US delegation is currently trying to reach an agreement with the Chinese in China and that the necessary meters are being made. The American still expects to meet up with his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping at a certain moment.

The economic superpowers have been in trouble for a long time. The countries beat each other last year with import duties on goods worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The current ‘truce’ followed after an earlier meeting between Trump and Xi in Argentina.

If the deadline is not extended and the parties do not reach an agreement before 1 March, the import tariffs will be raised again. The US will then impose $ 200 billion in taxes. The import tariff of products from China goes from 10 to 25 percent. China will also come back with the necessary billions of import duties.

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