The Dallas Morning News endorses Hillary Clinton, first Democrat since before WWII

The Dallas Morning News endorses Hillary Clinton, first Democrat since before WWII



The Texas paper hinted at its choice in an editorial run on Tuesday where it said that 'Donald Trump is no Republican and certainly no conservative.'

The Dallas Morning News went there. Yesterday the largest newspaper in Texas gave a strong hint that it would break with tradition and not endorse a Republican for president for the first time since 1964 when the paper stayed neutral in the battle between favorite son candidate LBJ and the Republican Barry Goldwater.

“What does it mean to be a Republican?” the paper asked in an editorial yesterday. “With Donald Trump as the party’s new standard-bearer, it’s impossible to say.”

“Donald Trump is no Republican and certainly no conservative,” the paper concluded.

But would the paper actually endorse Hillary Clinton, a Democratic candidate with such high unfavorables that she would be considered unelectable in any other election?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch on Sunday also thought Trump the wrong candidate, but they chose to endorse the Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson.

Not The Dallas Morning News.

“There is only one serious candidate on the presidential ballot in November. We recommend Hillary Clinton.”

This marks the first time the paper has endorsed a Democrat since it went for FDR before World War II.

During the Texas primary, the paper had endorsed Clinton on the Democratic side, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich on the Republican side, despite the fact that its Senator Ted Cruz was on the ballot (and won).

Despite the unusual endorsement, neither Breitbart News, whose head is running Trump’s campaign, nor Fox News, reported the story this morning.

The Coverage:

Mother Jones, Inae Oh:

Breaking with more than seven decades of tradition, the Dallas Morning News announced on Wednesday it is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. The last time the historically conservative newspaper did not back a Republican was in 1940. The endorsement comes just one day after the editorial board slammed Donald Trump, telling readers the Republican nominee was not a true conservative…

…The board acknowledged that the decision to support a Democrat this year was not an easy one, and that it had serious differences with some of Clinton’s policies. But “resume vs. resume, judgment vs. judgment, this election is no contest,” they noted.

The rare endorsement also eviscerated the many right-wing conspiracy theories directed at Clinton, including accusations the former secretary of state was guilty of treason and murder. The condemnation of such strategies comes as Trump continues to make dog-whistle claims suggesting his presidential rival lacks the stamina to be the president.

The Washington Post, Callum Borchers:

As with any newspaper endorsement, the impact is uncertain. Trump still seems certain to win Texas, although his single-digit lead there is slimmer than one might expect for a Republican. Mitt Romney won the state by 16 points in 2012.

But as signs of the times go, the Dallas Morning News backing a Democrat is pretty powerful.

Death and Taxes, Lauren Duca:

The Dallas Morning News has come out in public support of Hillary Clinton, notably making their first Democratic presidential endorsement since World War II (read: since the last time it seemed like the world might seriously end).

Their editorial statement reads like a child who must choose between eating vegetables and his parents’ digestive organs…

…Easily the best part of all of this is that it comes with dramatic Photoshops of Clinton and Trump. The(y) are set in red and blue to reflect the parties, but the chiaroscuro vibe casts the two of them as a hero and villain about to fight for the presidency via lightsaber battle.


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