As shock Brexit votes wears off, some in the media look for some humor to soften the blow

As shock Brexit votes wears off, some in the media look for some humor to soften the blow



Fox News informed its viewers that the UK had just voted to leave the United Nations (rather than the European Union), and one New Yorker columnist says that because of their vote the British have lost their right to treat "Americans like idiots."

There is nothing funny about the stock market crashing, or your currency collapsing. But these things may prove temporary. What is more frightening is the prospect of up to two years of negotiations with the EU on how the UK will exit, finding a new Prime Minister, and the prospect of new independence referendums within the UK and more Brexit style votes by other EU nations.

But, sometimes it is better to laugh than to cry. There will be plenty of time for more tears later.

The Coverage:

The New Yorker, Andy Borowitz:

Across the United Kingdom on Friday, Britons mourned their long-cherished right to claim that Americans were significantly dumber than they are.

Luxuriating in the superiority of their intellect over Americans’ has long been a favorite pastime in Britain, surpassing in popularity such games as cricket, darts, and snooker.

But, according to Alistair Dorrinson, a pub owner in North London, British voters have done irreparable damage to the “most enjoyable sport this nation has ever known: namely, treating Americans like idiots.”

“When our countrymen cast their votes yesterday, they didn’t realize they were destroying the most precious leisure activity this nation has ever known,” he said. “Wankers.”

The Onion:

Following the United Kingdom’s historic vote to exit the European Union, sources confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II spent Friday frantically screaming at her stockbroker to dump everything. “Just get rid of whatever we have—right now, goddammit!” said Her Royal Highness, who reportedly slammed her fist against a 16th-century desk while shouting at her broker over the phone.

The Daily Mirror, Gemma Mullin

Donald Trump was left unimpressed when a British prankster hijacked his speech with Nazi golf balls at the re-opening of the billionaire’s golf resort.

The US presidential candidate was about to take to the podium at his Turnberry resort when comedian Lee Nelson interrupted and began giving out balls to the crowd.

Trump could be heard telling his security guards “get him out” as Nelson, real name Simon Brodkin, began speaking to the gathered members of the press.

Nelson, who appears to be wearing the Turnberry uniform, could be heard jokingly saying: “The new balls are available from the clubhouse as part of a new Trump Turnberry range.

“I forgot to hand them out before, I’m very sorry Mr Trump, and thank you, I apologise.”


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